Sunday, April 11, 2010

Recorded Reality V.S. What she Says

First of all I would like to say that, I am at bind off for the bottom of my mohair top down sweater, I will then need to pick up and knit sleeves and front edges. Yeah! getting closer.

We all may know about the rally for Michelle Bachman this past week here in the cities. Makes me shake my head, two points: constitutional rights and religion. 

I don't honestly know whether to laugh or cry. First of all, Michell was saying she wants to bring us back to a constitutional base, we have gotten away from the constitution and our rights here in America.  I do not necessarily take issue with that statement, what I take issue with is what seems in  my opinion to be a faux effort toward atonement by the republican party. Shortly after 911 is when the BUSH administration was trying to pass legislation to restrict and take a lot of our rights away here in America and for the record this is not the first time the Republican party has made an effort to do so and push us into a militaristic fascist regime. Yeah, I said it and I meant it, you may not find it in the history books because inconvenient truths are kept hidden, but if you are wise, intelligent and resourceful, you can find the information in the Library of Congress, the documents exist, check your local library.
Michelle was the one that latched on to Bush's hand like some overwhelmed groupie after a press conference. Now you want to protect our rights? Really Michelle, do you think everyone is that forgetful?
Let us not forget the lovely Mrs. Palin, one of the original"Mavericks" from our last presidential election, who's ex-running mate McCain who now denies he ever said he was a Maverick, wow, are perhaps on the fringe of the Republican party re-inventing themselves. Is this more of the lets do it and deny it later crap we have seen in politicians all along? probably. The records show and do prove on and off capital hill, just where the true heart of Republicans is and it is and has been for decades with big business, money and corporations. Now I ask, what do those people really have to do with HONEST Christianity? Except to espouse it and not follow it, like the holiday Christians that go to church one the big holidays. And where is the adorable baby Palin carted around during the campaign season. Remember she said she would be a voice in the white house for special needs? Is he no longer convenient? Guess that is something she would not do after the campaign, except to say oh, don't use that word, its derogatory. Certainly by now, with all of her celebrity status she has achieved she could have accomplished more than that by now; and how is all htat abstinence stuff going for the Christians?
Just someone else's opinion on abstinence. 
I see so many things out there saying how our new president is Americas biggest "#%@%" mistake, well, sans the expletives, the Bushes were a very low point for morality in this country and the biggest step forward for chances at fascism and moral decline in how we treat each other. Just saying and wondering, how does that equate him to being the moral selection? There is so much out there and it is sad that in our society educated people want information handed to them without research on their own part, please make the time, and who knows how much change could be enacted if we all educated OURSELVES with the FACTS better!
Yes, I am mostly Democrat, from a long line of Democrats, but when I jump party lines, it is an educated jump, and maybe once when I was naive and wanted to believe did I vote Republican; otherwise it was independent.
On the news a woman was talking about the Rally with Palin and Bachman saying that Michelle B. needs to remember that Palin was basically the right religious choice and Minnesota needed more God help. 
Since when, is someone who has blatantly lied in public, not as; pure as her religion espouses and cant seem to keep her own family order, a choice on GOD?? Would the real God stand up so we can please meet the great omnipresence? I have a great faith and belief of God and all that this entails.
First of all we have a constitutional separation between church and state in this country! Michelle B. needs to remember and protect that right! This does NOT exclude God from the white house, the Republican party DOES NOT have the market cornered on being God fearing an religious, other presidents believe in God and go to church too. Abortion is the biggest red herring of our time in politics, pulling people attention away from some extremely important issues, oh look something shiny. Does our whole country need ADD meds? I have to wonder. 
Before I forget, anyone can pray in our public schools. Yes, it is true, make your intentions or your group's intentions know and they have to provide you with a space as long as you do not disrupt school. That is how the other religions get away with it.
Let us stop covering up and showing a change, not just talking about it, oh wait, think of all the money and power cliches and then think of the Republican party. Hmm... 
Yes, there may be some good ones out there, I just need to meet them, but as long as they work for the aristocracy of this country, they will not get my vote.

Need to work a bind off, so..
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