Monday, March 2, 2009

Sim cards, Beautiful wool (aka Bella Lana) and Stuff

SIM and the mental collapse of a cell phone.

Like a few people I am still finding pot holes to fall in with technology. My phone began shutting itself down and giving me odd SIM messages, then just locked me down to calling 911. Not good. I called for technical assistance, my phone said it needed a SIM, where do I put that? Apparently, phones need to be turned off once in a while. I think the person helping me was a bit amused and helped me navigate, turning the phone off, taking off the battery, locating and removing the incumbent SIM card. While we waited the minute to let the phone reset with the network and put the card back I said it would be bad if i broke it in half. A bit of silence "well..........they are fragile he said." I did not break it. we put the phone back together and I was counseled on turning my phone off periodically to let it reset. The phone had one additional small mental meltdown, but has been good since then.

Beautiful Wool (aka Bella Lana) and Stitchville USA

On weekends, friends and I occasionally visit different yarn shops, or re-visit ones we have not been to in a while.

My friend Sheri had been looking forward to shopping at Stitchville USA, a crosstitch and needlework shop in Minnetonka. I had a full and a partial punch card and found the cutest little Hardanger Ornament kit, and a scissor and needle case, with my full punch card, $17.50 of my purchase was free. Sheri purchased some wonderful angora wool to crosstitch on a blanket with, which is what she went there for and she now has a full punch card to redeem the next time she goes.
You can visit their web site for more information, I always find something lovely there and if you like to crosstitch or needle point you may find things you like as well.

After this we decided to check out Bella Lana yarn shop in downtown Minneapolis; not such a huge hike if you hop on 394. The shop seemed a bit complicated to get to but it was worth the trouble. We had called first and since the ladies were re-doing thier front windows they waited for us Normally they close at 3pm on Sundays, but as long as we were there by four we could come.
We were greeted at Bella Lana by the sweetest little pug and miniature grey hound, they were so cute, the obnoxious attention seeking by these little guys reminded me of my own little Sadie and the way she thinks she should have everyones attention, she goes the extra mile to walk, hop and dance at your feet.
The shop itself is white, the walls the floors and the shelves which makes the colored yarns pop out at you. Over all it was a fun and pleasant experience, for yarn card lovers, they do not have one. Do check out thier web site for more information.


After helping my friend Jenny with some of her knitting projects on Saturday (I know I was just writning about Sunday, working backward here) we went to Linden Hills Yarn and Textiles, Needles were needed and we sat to knit for a bit, it is always free to sit, knit and solve the worlds problems at Jan's table with the self proclaimed "Know it all knitting divas" Yup you got it, here is the link to the web site.

The 43rd and Upton area of Minneapolis is a cute little neighborhood, not only is Linden Hills Yarn there, but as written about before, Wild Rumpus calls the area home as well. This as I have stated in past blog entries is a unique mostly child oriented book store, where you can read find little live animals and critters roaming about and in cages. I stopped in today and found a book that I have been looking for called The Mary Frances Knitting and Crocheting Book, which I plan on sending to one of my sisters for her children who have asked about learning to knit. This book by Jane Eayer Fryer was origionally published in 1918, so some of the yarn and needle information is out dated, not a big deal at all, There are at least two other books, one on cooking and one for sewing. Yes, here it is.

Also in Linden Hills area near 43rd and Upton, you can find a Coffee & Tea Ltd, an aray of ecclectic little shops as well as a rather wonderful and understated little resteraunt called Cafe twenty eight.
The food at this restraunt is perfect, great sandwiches, home made chips, simply wonderful, the staff is freindly, service is great, definitely a pleasant dining and take out experience.
I would totally recomend cafe twenty eight, definitely worth checking out.

I am working around the neck of My Fair Isle sweater, closer to finishing the shoulders and picking up for the sleeves. Yeah for me.

The sock contest is over, I did not win in the Fair Isle caregory, but will publish the pattern myself. Knitting freinds were sure I had a winner, but ther were lots of great entries, we all could not win and there wil be other design opportunities.

I do believe I have rambled quite enough.
Happy stitches