Sunday, October 25, 2009

Procrastinated mending and knitting around

For a while I have been collecting mending and finishing projects, I had been putting off the mending for a while, but then the collection began to haunt me; it seems if I want to wear my fair isle sweater and not have the buttons secure, I would have to touch the collection and sew the ribbon to the button band. So there I was, table set up, sewing machine at the ready and I decided to make it a requisite to finish the mending before I could work on my sweater.
The mending is complete, I am hand stitching the grosgrain ribbon to my sweater, still in progress and I will finish it up today. The next thing is to pull out the knitted purses to line them with fabric for practical us
e. Yeah, I am making progress and the mending collection no longer taunts me, because it is finished.

Jenny and
I have both finished our cable challenge sweaters, I have to say we did a smashing job, all the stars seemed to align and the heavens were with us.

Now Jenny is on t
o socks and a shawl, and I am working on my Vintage wrap and fair isle jacket. Yeah!
Yes, finishing my sweater was a part of the mending and finishing work I needed to do.

I made a fabulous vegan red lentil and vegetable soup, very good!

I have been of course knitting at Linden Hills and with the Nokomis Knitters and Yesterday was knitting our world together at Linda's, a very lovely time and great conversation.

Happy Stitches!