Saturday, March 22, 2008

Information Bubbles, snow, yarn and book review.

Yesterday was the second day of Spring and we had snow..... A few inches of the thick and sticky stuff that decorates the out of
doors. The first picture is looking toward our neighbors house to our West and the second one is on the East side of the house.
And this next one is the snow overhanging, and beginning to slide off the metal roof.

The snow avalanches loudly off the metal roof in huge chunks.

I have made some progress on my campanula socks, and here they both are; two toes and working up toward the heels, which will be short row like the toes.

I love this pattern, I am looking forward to finishing these and perhaps making another pair.

Spinning is proving to be like getting back on a bike after a hiatus. I have one skein completed and another in progress.
My thoughts are beginning to move toward weighing the pros and cons of changing my traditional to a double treadle.
I emailed Detta's Spindle for pricing and its doable. I may order one, she can ship it directly to me, which would be way too convenient.
This is my skein of hand spun.

Humor anyone?

What is your sense of humor like??
I am reading a book of essays, that meander through the humorously twisted mind and thoughts, of one of the psychology instructors I used to work with at Minneapolis Community and Technical College.
The Book is; "Titters, Giggles and Tears" The rantings of a debrainged psycauliflowerologist on proctology, internet love, interspecies dating and the meaning of life. by Dennis Fenichel Ph.D.

Humor abounds not only with bent thoughts, but twisted semantics and skewed tales of things that are done in everyday life.
I worry on a deep level that this man influences young minds, I had no idea of the vast quagmire of his mind as we did not cross paths often; perhaps this was fortunate for me.
It seems he took a running jump off the deep end of his mental pathways, and went spinning and skipping joyfully downward in some sort of blissful mental self stimulation.

I would recommend this book if you like humor, that twist playfully through the mind and is like a crossbreeding of different comedic minds.

Buyer beware, the author does caution about your mental health if you read this book.
I bought mine on Amazon, I do not know if it is in Libraries, but and Barnes and Noble both have it to order.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's up on a Wednesday

Happy Wednesday,

I was on a group page in ravelry today, and they were talking about exercise and shaping that booty. It started with a post from a guy who said he was running again and in a lot of pain in his lungs and such, the conversation went on about feeling the pain to make a difference. I guess I am a complete wimp.
Too bad that using my spinning wheel doesn't give me a good workout. I am attempting to spin up a good skein by this evening for knit night. I might pick up some non-sweetened koolaid to see about dyeing it, but that will be after I have a few skeins; quality control on the color would be a good idea, plus I have no idea if it will work well or not. I can't use strong chemicals or such.
The center spool in the picture is my work from last night. It does not take too long, and I was happy it was going so well since I have not spun in such a long time.

This little bit of confusion is the Angel Lace shawl I am working on. Not much to look at so far, but yet it is mine.
The red and white yarns running through it are the lines I spoke about in an earlier post, to hold the line if I (GOD FORBID) drop stitches.

I must get back to spinning, I have lots of roving to play with.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Trying not to be confused

After a false start, I am making progress on my Angel lace shawl. I say false start because I dropped a few stitches that ran down and since I was on row 11, I knew I would not be able to pick up stitches and pull the pattern back together as I did that.
That was when I remembered the advice I was given about lace knitting and the possibility of dropped stitches.
Running lines. After every few rows; using a darning needle and a contrasting yarn color, run the yarn through the row of stitches. That way if you drop stitches, a needle falls from your work or some unforeseeable catastrophe (perhaps a cat) strikes your lace knitting, the stitches will only fall as far as the yarn anchor you have run through your work, then if you have to, you can go back to that row and proceed.
I have to say I am improving at knitting with a crochet provisional cast on. After row 30, the pattern repeats get a bit tricky; there isn't a graph and the instructions tell you how many times to increase the repeats with each additional row and set of rows, my brain is going OY!
I got an idea! If its okay to make a copy of a pattern for personal use, perhaps it is okay as well, to write the pattern out to the end of the 12 sets of repeated rows?
Having faith in the personal copy part, I sat at the computer and wrote out the instructions and repeats, math and all. I thought that would be easier than trying to graph it, which I might if I decide to make another shawl (for personal use only).
Now I need to keep track of completed rows for both my shawl and my campanula lace sock.
I don't know what I was thinking. I have a few lace project cued up; my highland lace shawl is hibernating at this point, I have every thing together for three additional lace shawls.
Must be some sort of self punishment, I don't know.
The picture is the angel lace shawl prior to re-start, I will take new pictures as I make more progress.