Friday, November 19, 2010

Quick notes

Last time I tried to blog it was from my smart phone, slight issue doing that and no post was made; that was a while ago. The post seems to be in my list of posts, but unpublished, nothing to post in it.

I have been job hunting, such a task in this economy! I cannot count the number of applications, the "Dear John" emails. I now have begun to glean and go on a few interviews. Interviewing is something I do well, I have been told as much, my set backs are that I am looking for part time and my need for accommodation, which is not always something I speak to, perhaps not saying anything is just as bad.
I was able to go out on a contract job putting in a number of printers throughout a company. This was a large roll out and I would have liked to do more, but the job ended, we were efficient and finished early.
There are calls I am still waiting on from interviews and other leads, but I am still plugging away at this, GO ME!

I am knitting on Christmas gifts and need to push those along a bit more. I have been working on a double knit hat for one of my nephews with his initials in binary code for the pattern, ripped the pattern back three times, my friend Jenny picked up my stitches, I was worried about picking up the dark ones. I now realize that I need to rip it back and restart on smaller needles, I seem to be having trouble keeping the gauge on this project. Oh, the way life goes! There will be frogging, but it cannot sit in the pond at all. This hat and other things need to be finished.

The little canine girls are doing well, Sadie and Abella are adjusting to the cooler weather like the rest of us. I have plans to knit a few things for them this winter, but first things first, Christmas knitting must be finished.

Thanksgiving is this coming week and there is a lot to do before then. Dinner at Heidi's, will be fun, visiting with everyone and messing with the kids, giving them a bit of guff, they give it back just as well.

Happy Stitching Trails to all!