Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Again, I was going through my stash and surfaced with the renewed knowledge that I have a lot of projects in process. How did I get here? Ooh, well, must be the excitement over new yarns, patterns and Ideas.
Mulling over this knowledge is the layer of news that, a couple of guys showed up at an Obama town hall meeting with assault rifles, The Vikings have Brett Favre, for a cool 10 to 12 million, and I am still shaking my head, hoping that really, really soon, America will pull away from all the voyeurism on television and regain some form of sanity. OK, I dream a bit now and then, I can admit it.
Now, what can I have some affect on? My knitting! So there we go. I am NOT going to try to stop two guys with assault riffles from attending a Town Hall Meeting, Ticket prices for the Vikings are going to skyrocket with the news of Brett Favre joining the team today (I had no input on the deal, I never would have been asked) and have not gone to a game. Americans will watch, what they are going to watch.
I have finished a few things this year, sweaters, socks, a shawl. So, many things in progress and so many things in the queue.
Linden Hills has put in many new and very lovely yarns, including Isager and a really yummy cashmere at a ridiculously low price. Lots of Isager, Classic Elite and such, but most of the cashmere was snapped up right away. I have some of the Cashmere for a gorgeous lace scarf by Jared Flood, in the new "Made in Brooklyn" booklet, the yarn is a beautiful Periwinkle Blue and the pattern is called Willoughby.
I joined the cable challenge, that Linden Hills is having along with my friends K.P. and J.W.. I am using a lovely felted tweed DK yarn in a Pink, and my pattern is rydal out of the Rowen book "The Purelife Winter Collection". The CEY Heron Island booklet has two things I have queued up and ready to go, the vintage Cardi and the bamboo tee. I printed the instructions for the Navdanya prayer shawl, and yes, I do have the yarns for all listed projects. I want to purchase yarn for and make the Zigzag sweater from Marianne Isager's Autumn/Winter 2008/2009 booklet ( have the booklet).
Today while at the shop, I was looking at some really lovely, self patterning German sock yarn, and found two Isager tvinni yarn colors to work a fair isle pattern I am floating in my head for socks.
I think I need a twelve step program. I have often been called a yarn snob, but Saturday it escalated to yarn geek. I was planning my cable sweater, I had the Purelife book and was looking at the felted tweed, need 10 balls, they had 9, doesn't it just figure someone bought just one ball. Jan the shop owner was calling around to see if any of the local shops had a ball in the same dye lot and I got to thinking, hm, I pulled out a composition book I sometimes carry for notes and looked through the pages, I had the dumb ball of yarn at home! I bought it to play with, Clear as day in my notes were the gauge I was getting and the lot number. Poor Jan put her arm up and slumped against the shelves laughing at me, and my friend K.P. whom she was helping, said, "Your such a yarn geek". Apparently this new label is something I need to own and embrace, I could not deny it at that point, after all, it was slapping me in the face.
I am excited about my new projects, I made my gauge swatch and started my cable sweater, a lot of stockinette at the beginning, but I am two inches in to it, about 5 cm and I need 24 cm of stockinette prior to the cable work, I have until December 25th to finish and take my sweater in for photographs and in the mean time I have to perseverate on my UFO projects, one of which is the lovely Corset tank top in silk by Annie Modesitt. That is a project that was going quite well and it was so lovely to work on, going back into the knitting bag tonight!
So little time and so much to do, yes, cliche, but true.

Happy Stitches everyone!