Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Musings

Prompted by my cousin I went to the Dr for a quick mole and skin tag check, she would nag me until I went. Traffic was not as bad as I had anticipated and I was about 20 minutes early instead of the requested 10, it all worked out well though because I was finished before my appointment time and all is well!
I am going knitting at Linden Hills with Kimberly and then out to Diner with my cousin and friend Jill, for her Birthday. Good thing I had the appointment so I can say Yes I went, and yes I am fine.

I think I am half way up the back of my lace blouse, in about four rows I work the increase shaping. Getting a bit excited, looking forward to finishing the back and getting on to a sleeve or the front.
I began the "Cowl for the Catwalk" a couple of false starts and needle sizes later, I will be picking up the correct needles today and re-starting. Gauges are great, but I need to make sure I'm using SIZE 19 and NOT 19mm, BIG difference in size and gauge.

Entertainment news today, the new list for dancing with the stars is out, still won't watch it. I just cannot get into shows in that venue, the do not even grow on me. Maybe you have to have some voyeuristic tendencies to like shows of that nature.I really tend to like the sitcoms and some of the law enforcement type shows, but still there is a limit to how much of that I can watch. Maybe its all based in some weird formula for background noise? who knows. Apparently Ralph Maccio will be on Dancing with the stars this season, who knew he is 50? I have trouble believing how old some of these people are and how some of them surpassed me in age.

enough of this, there is knitting afoot! I need to prepare to leave, Kimberly will be here soon.

Happy stitching trails and yarn overs too.