Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey! and Yarn

I love turkey and stuffing! Of course there was a stuffing taste test, had to make sure it turned out. 
I became one of the many Holiday travelers, driving to Mankato for a perfect day of family and festivities. We went to the store last night to pick up the last of the items we needed to make our feast. stuffing was created while drinking a bit of wine; apparently if you keep topping off the glass before it gets empty, you are still on your first glass. I however cannot drink like that anymore, perhaps age catches up with me.
my sweet doggies are happy, Abella enjoys a good row of teasing the cat, Mr. Custard. With all the children there is much to scavenge under the table and they get lots of cuddles.
I am making homemade mashed potatoes with gravy and it is my first attempt at making candied yams myself; we are having an evening feast, me thinks twas the wine that put us behind. I am not much for candied yams, but last night when we were talking about what we needed to buy at the store, Julies oldest son piped up saying "Oh, you got to get the orange potatoes" so when a cute little five year old is so enthused about sweet potatoes, I can't resist.
Julie is Zack's fiancee, she brought her kids. Julie has recently learned to crochet and was making a blanket. I watched and decided she was driving me CRAZY! she said it was a single crochet and it seemed to be taking forever! As I watched I realized, this is not a single crochet, it's a slip stitch. Ok, things had to change at that point, I taught her the single and double crochet, we frogged the little bit of a blanket she had going and it will now be a double crochet blanket. I had a bit of a skein of (sorry guys, I know friends don't let friends knit with it) purple homespun in my trunk and she is working on a double crochet hat. I may need to find her a good yarn shop near Alexandria, she says there is just Walmart and JoAnns. HA! Bellissima Yarns opens in two days (November 27th) in Alexandria. Can we find yarn or what. She may have a limited income and will need to be frugal, but nothing beats good yarn and I showed her knitpicks as well. One more convert for the dark side.

Ok, low battery and not close enough to a plug, soo.
Happy stitching trails and Turkey day if you partake.