Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sock club and the Convention Grill

Last Saturday was sock club, it was fun to see the group and get a new sock pattern as well as the yarn. We met at the Lunds on 50th near France Avenue, in the community room which is a lovely room with kitchen facility. Plans are to meet at this facility for a couple of months, march may find us changing from a sock pattern to a shawl pattern using a lovely silk lace weight yarn and using food coloring to dye it. Sounded like a nice switch up and experience; I have not dyed yarn yet.

The new sock pattern is a Bohus patterned leg with a peaked cuff top. I need to wind the yarn and cast on, but I need to empty needles first. We discussed the Bohus tradition event going on at the Swedish American Institute in Minneapolis, There are lectures and knitting class. A group is forming to go to the lecture by Solveig Gustafsson on Friday evening.

Our knitting friend L.I. came to sock club, her good friend D gave her a ride. There was an update to her caring bridge site, updating us on her treatments and how she is feeling, many prayers for L.I. and her family. L is a breast cancer survivor and this year, her seventh since her origional diagnosis. This year L discovered her breast cancer has metastesized to her bones, she is so positive and utilizing all of her options.

After sock club, J.W. and I went to Needlework Unlimited, J. needed needles and wanted to go there. Everyone was very helpful a friendly, not completely unusual, I have found people having a bad day a couple of times and felt a bit snubbed, sometimes I dress a bit more bummy; we were offered a tour, interesting premis. They are having a an upcoming Bohus class. See the Needlework Unlimited web site for details on this class, which will be later this spring.
On the whole, Needlework Unlimited has a wide a varied selection of yarn and supplies for knitting and crocheting as well as needlepoint supples.

Here is a link


After Needlework Unlimited, we went to Michaels for jump rings to use as stitch markers, found them.

We had not planned to do lunch, but decided to after hearing about the Convention grill at Needlework unlimited. The Convention Grill is a a 50's style diner in Edina off France near 44th and Sunnyside. We waited about 15 minutes for seating, but is was worth it. We had a great waitress, very cool, probably woked there since the 50's. The burgers were HUGE, the meat loaf sandwich was awesome! What can I say about the shakes? YUM! OMG, ok, we split a Blueberry shake with a twist of strawberry, more than enough for two people.

Life can certainly take you to some very interesting places and the Convention Grill is definitely an interesting place and a must visit. Prices, oh yes, the prices were very reasonable; not fifties prices, (don't know what that would be like, was not alive then) but good just the same.

I did not go to Linden Hills yarn today, too cold! Cannot bear it today, I will go this week, just not today. My Fair Isle sweater is going well, I love the fact that what ever knitting technique you want to learn, you can just sit at Linden Hills table of life and learn it from someone who knows.

I have rambled on enough for one day, stay warm and Happy Stitching!