Sunday, August 17, 2008

Patterns for sale and other quick updates

I have three patterns for sale on Ravelry now, I am very happy about this and hope to get a few more patterns on line soon.

The Olympics are going along swimmingly, new records and 16 gold medals for the US mens' swim team, which is more than I can say for my socks. I think the whole pressure of; I have to get this done, even though it is fun and the pattern moves along fast, could have been a factor in my set backs. I had some frogging to do on the second sock. I think I have my stride and focus line now.

I should finish today, still before the end of the Olympics, and could get my secret sock done, but I may try to get a pair of footsies made out of the Hundertwasser colorway for the Linden Hills knit along and get my name in for the drawing a second time, I shall see and time will tell. I need to stop reading, perusing Ravelry and getting distracted by outside forces.

The bunnies in the yard are getting too used to Sadie. This morning Sadie stuck her nose into our overgrown flower bed and a bunny slowly moved away from her, across the bed and meandered out the other side.

I can't tell my neighbor, who is hoping Sadie's scent will scare the bunnies away, this particular neighbor has had over a thousand dollars of damage to her beautiful garden this year, all done by the bunnies.

I think it makes Sadie sad that the wild bunnies won't play with her, like an other neighbors bunny, so she has stopped trying to chase them. Maybe Sadie needs her own Bunny friend? No, I know the cats, Monika and Sasha ignore her, but adding a bunny to the mix could be crazy and too many animals. I wonder what the cats would think of the bunny litter box? Hmmmm... No, I could end up homeless for that one.

Back to the socks,

happy stitches