Friday, March 5, 2010

Narvik progress and updates

It is 11:30 and I am half way up the last piece of the sweater, the second front piece. Thanks to Chris R. The intuitive cabling is going well, and the pattern is pretty much in my head, which makes the whole thing go faster. 
With time of the essence, I will be steam blocking the pieces to get them together; keeping my fingers crossed. 
So what am I doing blogging when I have so many stitches to manage by this evening? Have to take a break, more coffee, a few bites of vanilla yogurt, Tylenol for the tension headache and back to work. 
My next break will hold a shower and such. I can do it, I can do it.

Abella has used the potty patch again, yeah! Sadie is still not convinced it is the thing to use, but we will not forgo potty outings, just not walks today.

Have to grab the Tylenol and get back to work.

Happy Stitches all.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Air Traffic and take a kid to work

If you have been listening to the news lately, and depending on which source you are hearing, seeing and or reading, you may have caught the reports of two kids directing air traffic.

One can extrapolate from any knowledge of the situation that there were dangers. That being said, think for a moment about the concept of take your kid to work and what it was meant to do and be. It began in the 1970's as take your daughter to work day, it was a way to teach daughters they could do anything. Some would argue that, it is a relic that needs to be eliminated and only reminds people without kids, of how annoying kids can be to  people. Yes, this is a feminist relic, it has been expanded to boys because they began to underachieve and as a person without kids I need to say, yes, overhaul but do not cancel.

This is my small humble opinion and many will disagree, this is their right. I can say that, in my opinion, the day needs to be overhauled; it has become an opportunity to find ways in which we can enrich and stimulate children in a positive way.

According to NBC there were two kids, both closely supervised and afforded the opportunity to view how their parent works in a hands on exercise.

Safe? Probably not. Unique? yes! and speaking for myself (yet again), I learn better hands on.
Think for a moment on the opportunities to enrich with such learning experiences for the future of this country, all personal bitterness and politics aside, this is one thing we should unite on, is a way in which we could take an idea from our past and recreate it in to a better tool, that teaches children some hands on ways in which they can see their futures as well as try new experiences. 
I hear it, and yes, this could be expensive, it could be a tax write off for some large corporations that could be seen as far more positive than let's give ourselves big bonuses.
Are you asking if I have any ideas, or am I all talk? Maybe both. Seriously, I have been putting thought into this.
Old equipment could be donated, simulations could be set up and in controlled environments, people could volunteer time and children could try, hands on to do things that would stimulate their minds to dream of things we did not, and at the same time ethics, social conscience and community to name a few things can be instilled in our future generations as opposed to selfish, self entitled negativity, anger, and violence that we see so much of today and lets not leave out self image factors. Let us look at getting rid of the ideas of "do unto others before they do unto you", "Look out for number one", and any of the other social negativism that have been instilled in the growing, upcoming generations for the last three decades. 
Truly this is an opportunity for learning and generating ideas, yes, thank God nothing bad happened, the adults involved were there, they were coaching and it helped to lighten some very stressful jobs, there is a lot to be said for the psychological benefits there. 
I just keep asking myself, why is it that we look at the worst and do not look at the positive opportunities involved in the situations that come along in life? Lets start now and turn this into the opportunity it can be, to put new ideas out there to enlighten, motivate and energize children and our future.
Let's put these air traffic people back to work and see what they have learned and what ideas they may have.

Oh, yeah. This is a knitting blog and to that end, I am six inches from completing the back of my Narvik sweater and I need 21 more inches on the last front piece.

Back to knitting, and as always..........

Happy Stitches.