Sunday, August 7, 2011

Master Hand Knitters Program

A couple of knitting friends and I have been talking about the Master Hand Knitters program through The Knitters Guild Association, and we decided to go for it. Lisa suggested I go through the program, she thinks I will ace it (great compliment, I'm just not so confident in myself). I received some of the information by email on Friday and my package in the mail yesterday. I have been busily getting things together for the program. I have my binder with dividers and started templates for the cover letter and report. I have read and re read the materials and instructions.
I pondered if I should talk about this much or not, I mean what if I muck it up? I have not been great at doing swatches although I do make them, just not regularly. I know, bad me.
Reading the material and preparing the binder and getting yarn for swatches, I have to say I have become more intimidated by it all. I chose to stay with wool yarn as suggested, I pondered what needles to use, circular or straights, in the end I felt that I am so used to using circulars why make life more difficult and using my Addi click lace needles I cast on for swatch #1. I have pulled it back and re-started as well; reading the material has made me look at my swatches very critically. I think perhaps a bit OCD in how I am seeing them, checking every stitch, is one side up more, is one stitch larger, how even is the cast on. Each item makes me re-think my knitting skills and focus more intently on each stitch. I have never watched my edge stitches so closely as edge treatments are not allowed. Gauge is not measured until after blocking, then what if I need to re-do it? Okay, I am freaking myself out. Need to stop this.
I am sitting here wondering how many times I will re-start and if I will finish Level 1. There are three levels to go through and I am just starting the first. I am not sure I was sane before starting this venture and now I wonder if there will be any semblance of sanity if and when I finish.

One thing I have not done in quite a while is blog reading and I am thinking I should get back to some of those knitting blogs as they may have some good and valuable information on how they overcame knitting issues. I need to do some research as well, on ribbing, garter, stockinette, binding off and good knitting techniques. The project for the first level is a color stripped hat and I need to look up how to keep the jog out when you change colors in the round.

I am hoping to link up with someone who has completed the program at the guild, so I can get a bit of moral support and perhaps some guidance along the way. I know, it will be fine, but I feel a bit overwhelmed thinking about getting swatches back to rework. I am sure it happens to everyone so I am going to read what they have to say and re-work it to get it right.

I have just two Christmas presents finished, a bolero and a cable sweater. I am hoping to get a second bolero (in progress) finished this month along with at least the first swatch.Should be doable I think.

Back to that first swatch, I wonder if I could get a medication to relax and get through this? No, have a hard enough time making sure I take my synthroid every day.

Happy Stitching Trails everyone!