Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Knit stories, to share or not to share the stash.

And now for our stitching amusement.

So it has been interesting for me to hear other knitters talking about their spouses, significant others etc., being into electronics, computers, stereos and radios. Nice complementary hobbies, as they do not usually overlap. Can't complain about all the electronic parts with all that yarn stash hanging around and vise verse.
What happens if the person you live with/companion or husband get into yarn hobbies? Saw this the other day at the Yarn shop, a couple came in, both knitters and both buying yarn; he came in to the marriage with the swift and ball winder. After choosing their new toys (yarn) they were asked if they wanted it in the same bag, no they said they would fight over it when they got home.
Sounds like fun for them, but I have a purpose for all my yarn, it is totally designated, packaged even with the pattern of purpose.
My friend and I giggled over their exchanges and that we do not have to fight over stash! More importantly, they had found their local yarn shop, yes, Linden Hills Yarns.
The woman had mentioned that she wanted to learn cables some day. Jan usually says "I can teach you in five minutes if your slow." These impromptu lessons are if Jan has time and free, meaning no charge. Jan asked her if she had five minutes, sat the woman down with some yarn and taught her to cable. She was thrilled, her husband was happy and all was well. It is a good memory.

The night before last, Sunday night, my almost 16 year old niece called me to see if I could teach her to cast on and knit over the phone, her mom was working and she could not wait. Silly girl! I had taught her a few years ago, but she did not remember and she wanted a new scarf. We went on line, she on her ipod touch and I on my computer, we looked up good you tube videos,she watched and followed all video instructions and by last night (Monday) she had about 12 inches on her scarf. The problem came in when, one of her younger brothers, (who I had purchased the yarn for and was working on teaching to cast on) discovered what she was doing and began a squabble over the yarn, thankfully this was resolved by saying there is more yarn to be had and not to worry, it was not the last skein on the planet. I shudder to think of a world without yarn, what a nightmare that would be.

I guess my point is this, I am thankful I am the solo fiber enthusiast in the house!
and, we all know there are worse things kids could get into these days, so corrupting them with a bit of yarn is not so bad.

I mentioned to my niece that she could make a sweater, she thought socks. That is the other thing that me and the knitting people I know do not do, set limits. Why, when there is so much yarn and so many things to make. I remember meeting one of my knitting friends B.T. for the first time, she came into a knit shop by Nokomis and wanted to learn t knit and wanted to start with a baby sweater, she was planning on having a baby. She did as it turned out, get pregnant before the sweater was finished. A lot of people that do start with scarves we push along quickly, there are no limits, your talents are endless, reach! She used to sit between myself and another knitter saying she was going to glean all of our knitting secrets, because she knew we had a lot of them. This person is a very good knitter and has made s few sweaters, socks and hats for her son.

Have you had those moments when your on the phone with someone talking and you are both knitting or some other hobby? It's kind of bonding. Several years ago I had a friend who cross stitched and we would talk on the phone and cross stitch together. I knit and talk on the phone occasionally with friends. Last night while I was on the phone with my niece we discovered we were both knitting as we talked, it was neat.

I finished my pink cable sweater for the cable challenge a while ago and now I am knitting a Red cable sweater with Cascade Dolce'. I love the wool, alpaca and silk blend. The pattern picture does not do the sweater justice, and the rich wine color is turning out to be fabulous. I cannot wait to wear it! and then finish the umpteen other sweaters I have stash for.

This is my year of the sweaters.

Until nest time, Keep your eyes on what is right and Happy stitches.