Monday, March 28, 2011

We are home!

We got home yesterday from our knitting retreat, I have not yet rated our yearly get away, although some have given it a C- for drama, none of which was caused by our youngest cabin mate a 17 year old.
I awaited this retreat with great anticipation all year. Knitting, knitting and more knitting with great friends and companions. Tia and Heidi came up on Wednesday and we left for Bug Beehive Resort in Paynesville on Thursday about noon after a stop at Target to shop for swimsuits to take advantage of the on site pool.
Our retreat was at first threatened by health matters, a husband slipping and falling at work, going to the hospital the night before, one of our group in the hospital herself, a chemo treatment for one and I was up all night with a sick puppy, who fortunately was recovering before I left. Our members husband went home to be watched by his daughter, he was insistent our group member come to the retreat and our other member was released from the hospital in time to come as well.
We took the long way and went through St. Cloud. Bonnie's Spinning Wheel was our first stop where I found a cute knitting bag (needed another one of those like a hole in the head) more stitch markers and we were off to Grubber's where I found a cute pattern to make a baby sweater for donation and a skein of yarn in turquoise.
Heidi, Tia and I checked in and were situated in the cabin in time for the three other Thursday night campers arrived. it was taco salad for dinner, first episode of drama was a missing bag that not only held sundries, it held knitting! This was found, it had been erroneously placed in the wrong room. Two of our group went for an evening swim and the knitting was on!
Friday, Lisa made an awesome quiche for breakfast with latte's. It was Tia's Birthday, Heidi and I took her in to New London for lunch and some shopping, she had finished a cell phone cozy Thursday night which she needed a button for. We stopped at the local knit shop, Uniquely Knit, Tia found a great scarf pattern to go with the yarn that Monica had given her the night before and I found some yarn to make an Oscar the Grouch hat for Connor.
When we returned to the resort more group members had arrived and by night we were all in attendance along with the next mishap, a missing purse.After a few phone calls this item was located and was being delivered by Tamara, the last of our group to come up. More knitting, soup and chili for dinner and more knitting with wine, good conversation and fun.
I was enjoying the company of everyone, Tamara shared a Clickity Sticks pattern designed by her daughter. I did get start the cast on started, but want to finish Oscar first.
Friday night brought the a bigger issue, one of our chemo ladies could not find her meds, she was sure she had them. More phone calls and her husband was delivering the left behind medications. Smaller troubles paled in comparison to this.
Saturday was more good food, fun and another trip to New London, this time with coupons! I came back with a fun skein of yarn to make Connor a pair of socks to match his Oscar hat. That night I graphed Kimberly's cowl which took a while to remember the Kitchener in rib, but finally got it! yeah me! I kept Tia going on her scarf and Heidi made progress on her sweater, she obtained the making for two more projects. yarn to make the scarf Tia had begun and a yarn a pattern for another sweater. Go Heidi, go!
We were the second car to leave on Sunday and took 55 through Buffalo home. I was happy to see everyone enjoy Tia's company and she theirs although she is a bit shy when she first meets people. I am already excited to go back next year, we are going to make sure no one is off for spring break, a lot of parents and their kids in the pool and the adults behaved worse than the kids. I feel it ended far too soon, but it is nice to get home to my little poodles who were beside themselves with happiness to see me, little Abella practically talked for 15 minutes and Sadie could not get enough hugs and I enjoyed the evening with Tazsmonn.

Happy Stitching Trails and remember to drink responsibly or you may have to frog a good project.