Friday, September 5, 2008

Busy day and the definition of insanity

We have been busy girls this morning. Sadie went to the groomer first thing, her groomer Kiera is due with a baby boy the 21st of this month. I want to make her something from Sadie and I, I'm not sure what though. Babies grow so fast when they are first born, booties would be a quick and easy gift, perhaps a hat, maybe a quick sweater. I don't know.

I came home checked email and ravelry, I had to get Sadie at 10:30, They always let her run around behind the counter when I come back to pick her up and go pay. Maria (another groomer there) wants to groom Sadie while Kiera is on maternity leave. I was talking about waiting and just having her with one person, but Maria does like her and does small dogs as well, she is there when Kiera is there and I don't think she is one of the ones who left burns on her face, so we will see.

I have chili on simmering and laundry going, I am going to knit a bit then empty the dishwasher so I can put in the stuff I have been using to cook the chili with.

It has gotten a bit warmer out, I am going to open some windows and let some fresh air in.

Has anyone ever told you you were not mentally right because you spoke out? Well if you have a family that is putting more energy into hiding things that healing you have and maybe you have anyway.
Albert Einstein once said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".
I have looked at some relationships that way, including my relationship with my mother.
The evil and unpredictable behavior that she exhibited toward people through the years, at some point, all the forgiving, for those years. comes down to the definition of insanity and you have to forgive and walk away for good. She is being taken care of and after all she proved she did not owe me, including love and caring (Saying and showing love and care are not the same thing) just making sure that she is cared for is all I feel obligated to do. Some think that is a horrible way to be and it is not forgiving, and they could be right, but at this point in my life it is the healthy thing for me. This is a bit raw and revealing for me to put on the blog, maybe too much information and such. I am looking at is as part of a healing process.

The smell of chili is starting to permeate the house, mmmmmmmm, smells good.
I finished one of my campanula socks this morning and am working on the second one, which was already at the ankle, these are toe up socks so I have the leg and cuff to do.

I have not used videos, but thought I would see about using them in my blog, I am not completely tech savvy but I am going to investigate. I was a blog this morning and the guy does all of his posts by video, which I don't think I will do, but would like to have the opportunity, like when something cute happens. It looks like he does the videos through a you tube account, I think I might try to upload from my hard drive.
I don't know if you would be interested in a look, he is very open and kind of funny, I just found him today through ravelry but he is on ( and he is a really good knitter.

Have to go tend to chili and try some.

Happy Stitches!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

World, Life and Moving Forward

The world as we each, and perhaps collectively know it, ends, changes, moves forward in many ways. There are endings, beginnings, world conflicts, family conflicts, but life goes on and we bound around in the ocean in which we live. I don't put up with junk if I see it, even if the truth is denied.
That being said I have to say that time does heal and we can only move forward, and sometimes people don't go with us. What was it, a line from a song, "nobody's right, if everybody's wrong".

Life is moving on, this week one of my paternal aunts has passed away, and I found out a second cousin will be married at the end of the month. More of life moving on and choices to make in direction, as well as share with those around.

The chill in the air is cooler today than it was yesterday, a sign that fall is really here, but it will warm up again before the leaves turn.

Projects :)

I am finishing the paperwork and getting a picture together to send with my sock contest socks. I am so proud of them and really hope to get in the book.

My campanula socks have been back on the front burner to work on. They are toe up and I had worked them both to the ankle, then focused on one before they were left to nap for a bit. Last night I worked one to the cuff and as soon as that one is done it is on to the second one, yeah!

I have sock yarn balled up for socks like crazy and sock club again this Saturday. It will be a fun day, new pattern, yarn to see. Ok, fun for a knitter or crocheter, we tend to be tactile people and love to touch yarn.

I am not casting on new projects, just trying to work through the ones I have going. I would really like to get one of the shawls I have on needles completed, so I can wear it. It is chilly enough to wear one now, I woke up cold and had to pull the covers on, that's a change from the past few weeks.

Oh, I can not wait until we do not have to watch political ads! I am so tired of them, I'm not the only one tired of them, I hear people moaning about it from time to time. On a brighter note, the fall TV line up is starting and we can watch "Ugly Betty" again at craft night.

Need to move forward with a few stitches, go for a walk and get busy.

Happy stitches

Monday, September 1, 2008

Oh what a difference a shade makes and the lighter side of life

First of all, my brother in law evidently does not have cancer, thank God. I have to say emphysema is bad enough. He went home to recuperate and get more rest. More prayers and good wishes for my sister and him.

Ah, what a difference a shade makes, or in this case a lighter color of curtain. My kitchen is small and regardless of the light colored wall paper has always seemed so dark (the Green curtains did not help). Light Yellow cafe sheers and valances has made a world of difference, I almost feel happier when I go in there and like I have a new kitchen. Perhaps the brighter kitchen will inspire me to bake more this winter.
I will try to get better pictures, the ones I took did not turn out.

My beautiful Pink ribbon socks. This is a pattern by Laura Spradlin and you can find this pattern for sale on ravelry, or you may contact her on her web site, sugar bunny boulevard.

This pattern may look a bit complicated, but really goes quite quickly, most people have reported making their socks in a week or two. Before you know it you are done with the leg and working the heel then quick as a bunny you find yourself done with the foot and working the toe. I was fortunate to have gotten a kit and the Katherine yarn is so soft and lovely with a bit of loft to it.

I completed a Calorimetry head warmer, using up the leftover ella rae yarn from the slippers I made for my niece Brianna. It is brightly colored but a bit plain; it's one of my goal projects. I am going through my leftover yarn from projects and trying to use it up, or give it away, too much stuff and I need to always be mind full of how these leftovers can turn in to a mountain.
This was completed in one day, great pattern, easy project, just takes a few hours.

Now I just to keep working through my works in progress, see what else I can finish. Occasionally I consider not sleeping and just knitting through the night to get stuff done, but it sounds a bit obsessive or something.

Saturday was the fourth one of the month, and normally a gathering day at one of the knit night ladies house, she has two dogs, a toy poodle and a Golden. Sadie loves to go there and visit with everyone. It was a fun outing for both Sadie and myself, a few of us may get together and have our own little yarn spinning study group, that should be fun.

Today we had a tree root problem in our pipes, thankfully a sewer service was available and took care of our problem. We used Alto sewer service, their shop was right behind a duplex we used to rent in Minneapolis and we were familiar with the gentleman in his 50s who came out; he did a great job.

I have sock club next Saturday, I have not started the socks from the last two or three months, I only bought for two of those months. I am not sure I will buy yarn this time, I want to finish what I have, and eventually make a funky pair of socks from all the left over sock yarn I have and I am starting to get a collection of that.

Knitting and spinning are such meditative refuges, I am gald I am able to do these activities and have them as a hobby.

Happy Stitches