Friday, December 2, 2011

BIG wood ticks, Wait, it's too cold

What did I do? Where am I? There are huge, BIG wood ticks every where, wait, it's too cold. But I am still farther North than I have been in about a couple of decades. 

Tazsmonn is attending another AFSCME event and I am left once again ot my own devices, yes dangerous, but true. We drove up to Breezy Point Resort with one of his fellow stewards riding along. Arriving last night we checked in then decided to have dinner after unloading the car. Dinner was at Dockside Grill, Tazsmonn had the smash burger covered in sauteed mushrooms, Tim had the Walleye sandwich, I later wished I had gone with a burger or fish when I tasted the chili (which I do NOT recommend), the chili was rather soupy, not many beans or beef, I was sort of wonder what happened to them, I can eat and do like spicy and hot, but this was more like too much chili powder and not the flavorful taste bud tantalizing party on my tongue I had hoped for. I do not recommend wasting your time on this, but the guys liked what they had. The breakfast buffet this morning was lovely, with several choices, however not enough choices for the finicky eater I live with. Tazsmonn has a tough time finding food he will eat when he is away from home, so I looked for things he would eat while I was out and about.

I went out in search of adventure today! Amongst all the roads through the trees, over lakes, through woods, I saw a quilt shop, found the Yarn shop in Nisswa called Utrinket, they boast to be a purveyor of yarns, gifts and antiques.

As you can see from the picture Utinkets is in a strip mall, not readily visible from the road, inside it is full of little gifts and fun little antiques. I strolled through the yarn (as we all know I have a big stash like many other knitters) My intentions were to be good and I think I did well at that. She carries a small but very nice variety of yarns including Spud &Chloe, Lambs Pride to name a couple and there was a small table with a couple of chairs as well as an inviting little sitting area with about five comfy chairs to sit in, there was a light scent in the air so my time was limited, I found a pattern and a sock fabric for half price, so a couple of treasures to make me happy before leaving.

I still had to get gas, some sundry items and beverages. I went into Pequot Lakes and found the General Store, no medium bristled toothbrushes like Tazsmonn wanted, only soft and hard. I found some old time peppermint sticks. some cotton string to use for break bands on the spinning wheel and a pair of readers. I was in search of a toothbrush, bottled water and tea, Hershey hugs and Cashews (no salt). I have to say right now, I did not find the hugs nor did I find the cashews sans salt, I did find a small .99 cent bag of salted cashews.
Across the road from the General Store was a small pharmacy where I did find the toothbrushes and another treasure! I use hair combs and lose them (which I have to stop doing), I cant find the tortoise shell combs I like from Goody, it's like they don't make them any more. These combs are smooth and don't cut into your hair as much and I found 6 packs! at an old price. I bought them all. Yeah me!

I love these hair combs, now I have to try not to lose or misplace them. I was so excited!

I decided it was getting close to lunch, which I was on my own for so I did not have to think of anything but my own stomach. Back in Breezy Point I stopped at the BP gas station, filled the tank, picked up bottled water, tea, the little pack of cashews and had lunch at the attached Pine peaks restaurant. 

The Pin Peaks is like a little family restaurant, I had the meatball special for abut 8 dollars, 5 big meatballs glazed in an almost sweet barbeque sauce, The potatoes looked like home made mashed from scratch but I suspect differently, one of those cleaver imposter potatoes with beef gravy, green beans and carrots, a large slice of bread. all in all it was palatable, the meatballs were good, the coffee unfortunately was a watered down memory of coffee. After lunch I went across the road to where they boasted having groceries, still no luck with the Hershey hugs or the cashews.

Backing up in time to Thanksgiving, I spent the Holiday with My sister  and her family, it was lovely, I converted another member into the knitting cult, always a happy thing! 

I am making Christmas stockings for my sisters kids, at least as many as I can get done by the time I go back for Christmas. I had made one for Connor then found out that the other stocking had gone missing a couple of years ago, so I said I would try, but made no promises. Connors sock is hanging on the mantle and I have one more that needs the ends woven in and the trim attached. I am hoping to get more done but have and afghan to finish for the shop.

The socks are not huge and go fairly quick so I hope to minimally get one or two more finished.

In other knitting whimseys, I made a gone knitting hat. It was fun to make, went quickly and I am wearing at the knitting retreat.

Have to get back to the sewing the afghan.

Happy Stitching and knitting trails to to you all!