Friday, January 31, 2014

Norwegian Star, it's a theme.

I have been knitting away, making some progress on my underwear. It occurred to me that the Norwegian star in the first chart of the underwear is kind of a theme in my life lately. As I was finishing the first chart and looking at the star I realized that I used wrapping paper at Christmastime with the Norwegian star on it, the night gown I was wearing had the star on it as well. hmmm.... okay, well I guess its a pattern I like.
As for the underwear, I have completed the first chart and I'm working on the second chart, getting closer to the leg openings. I thought about working in steeks to stay in the round, but decided, it would be more work than its worth on something so small. I can purl in fair isle, and if I have any trouble, there's always my local knit shop. I think they look pretty!
Life is good in the world of knitting underwear.

Mom is passing away slowly, latter stages of Alzheimers and not eating or drinking. I when someone passes in my life, I have been making a grieving project that helps me get through things.   I have crocheted curtains for an Aunt, when Dad passes I made a baby sweater and bonnet. I did not want the underwear to represent my grieving project, so I dug into my stash and pulled out yarn to make a rainbow hat, requested by a niece of mine and thought it would be the right project. Putting positive energy out and a gift that someone wants.

 Stitching my life together with needles and yarn.

Happy stitching trails,


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